Live Online Seminar

Program Description

Successfully Argue the Most Subjective Damages in Injury Settlements and Judgments

How do you put a monetary value on physical pain and emotional and mental harms? How can you convince an opposing party or jurors of the true extent or nature of a claimant’s suffering? In this program, knowledgeable attorney faculty will share their know-how and concrete approaches to negotiating or litigating these intangible damages. Take control of injury case recoveries – register today!

Think like an adjuster: find out what factors insurance companies consider when gauging P&S.
Discover when pain, suffering and other nonmedical losses are subject to a lien.
Explore the tactics defense attorneys use to keep pain and suffering damages down.
See how plaintiffs’ attorneys quantify, prove and increase pain and suffering damages.
Find out how to use the discovery process to develop or defend against pain and suffering claims.
Learn how to get your proofs admitted (and keep theirs out).

Who Should Attend

This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is designed for attorneys. Insurance adjusters and paralegals may also benefit.

Course Content

Pain and Suffering Damages: A Brief Introduction
How Insurance Companies Evaluate Pain and Suffering
Quantifying Pain and Suffering Damages
Handling Lien Claims
Negotiating and Litigating P&S Damages: Defense Perspective
Negotiating and Litigating P&S Damages: Plaintiffs’ Tactics
Legal Ethics