There are reasons why people are injured as a result of slip and fall accidents. If you’ve suffered injuries due to a slip and fall while on someone else’s property, an investigation must take place to determine the cause of it. For example, did the property owner know about the dangerous condition but decided that it would be too expensive to repair or fix it? If the property was leased by a tenant, who knew about the hazard but did nothing about it, is the tenant responsible since they controlled the property on the date of the accident? It is also necessary to find out how long the hazardous situation had been there and whether other people had been injured before you.  A dangerous condition that caused your slip and fall accident can also be a temporary condition, like spilled drinks or food, a loose floor tile, or lack of barricades around a hole in the floor.

Negligent or careless property owners and tenants must be held accountable for two reasons: First, you must be compensated for your injuries and financial losses. Secondly, if the owner or tenant is not held responsible, the problem at that location will probably not be addressed, and someone else could suffer the same fate as you!

Winning a Slip and Fall Case

How do you prove, in a court of law, that your slip and fall injuries were the result of a dangerous condition? First, we must prove that the property owner or tenant did not comply with Florida law. A property owner or tenant should have standard operating procedures to prevent accidents and take care of dangerous conditions as soon as possible. Whether that dangerous condition resulting from inadequate maintenance procedures, lack of adequate lighting, or lack of staff to quickly clean up spills or inspect the property makes little difference if the hazard was there long enough so the owner or tenant knew, or should have known about it, and caused your injuries.

The types of injuries caused by dangerous conditions in hotels, restaurants, commercial businesses, condominiums, apartment complexes, at or near construction sites, and so forth, can include concussions, skull, arm, and wrist fractures, torn knee ligaments, spine damage, cuts or skin gashes, contusions, and muscle strain. Fall-related injuries can take months to heal and may result in permanent disability. Rehabilitating from your injuries can keep you out of work for extended periods and cause financial strain on your family.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, seek medical care as soon as possible. The physicians, paramedics, or other health care professionals how and where you were injured and the full extent of your injuries.  You or anyone with you at the time of your accident should take cell phone photos and/or video of the accident scene and get contact information of anyone that witnessed the event.

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