In Orlando, our warm, beautiful weather encourages outdoor activities, including walking, jogging, and bike riding.  Unfortunately, an Orlando Pedestrian Accident Attorney is often needed when a motor vehicle driver’s carelessness or negligence causes injuries or even pedestrians’ deaths.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines a pedestrian as anyone walking, jogging, running, sitting, prone, or hiking on a sidewalk, road, or highway.  Since 2008, pedestrian fatalities have trended upward; Orlando and all of Central Florida are among the country’s leaders each year in pedestrian injuries and deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

How Can an Orlando Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help?

Injuries suffered by pedestrians can often be more severe than other types of motor vehicle accidents because the pedestrian has no protection or safety equipment to protect them. The first step in recovery for accident victims is to seek immediate medical care, even if you feel your injuries are not significant enough to go to the hospital, you should get checked out anyway, because injuries may get far worse over time. The next step in your recovery process is to find an experienced pedestrian accident attorney, as soon as you are able to do so.  Finding and hiring the right attorney is essential because you will be seeking payment for medical bills and lost wages, while you recover from your injuries. Florida law generally provides that you have up to four years after the date of an accident to file your claim in court for injuries, but only two years if the claim results in death. However, there is no reason to wait before finding legal counsel to assist you. Evidence surrounding the accident must be gathered and witnesses interviewed as soon as possible, since that evidence may be lost or destroyed; witnesses may disappear or do not recall all the details of the event. However, at the Law Offices of Rand Saltsgaver, LLC we can often get any photos, or video of nearby security & traffic cameras, if the client contacts and hires us shortly after the accident.  We can also speak with eyewitnesses as well.  That evidence, and what witnesses say, can increase the value of your case in settlement negotiations, or at trial. However, we have to act fast, since we don’t want this crucial evidence to be lost or fade away over time.

Motor vehicle accidents occur unexpectedly and can wreak havoc on your health, relationships, and finances. During this stressful time, you need to work with an attorney who has the experience, resources, and dedication required to take on your case, is compassionate, and truly cares about the people in his community. Many large law firms look at their clients simply as case numbers and want to settle the matter as soon as possible, so they get paid and move on to the next claim. However, the Team at Rand Saltsgaver Law sees you as an individual, rather than simply a financial goal.  We have been fighting for our Orlando area Clients for over 40 years, and we would love to fight for you as well. Finally, please remember at Rand Saltsgaver Law, we only take cases on a contingency basis; this means, if we don’t win, we don’t get paid – you owe us nothing.  Call us today to schedule a free, in-depth accident review and consultation.