Living in the greater Orlando area comes with the risk of hurricanes & tropical storms, which may have a significant impact on your life. When a major storm blows through, we see damage to homes and businesses caused by wind, torrential rains, lightning, hail, and even fire. When you’ve suffered losses to your home, condo, or business as a result of a weather-related event, it’s time to file a claim with your insurance company.  Unfortunately, insurance company adjusters are trained to deny or severely underpay you for the damage to your property. This is where the Law Offices of Rand Saltsgaver comes in – we have almost 40 years of experience in successfully battling with insurance companies, to get the money owed to our clients. We understand the complexities of insurance contracts, Florida law on insurance claims, and try to maximize whatever our clients may be entitled to by law.

Water damage not caused by flooding can devastate a home.  A storm may result in water entering a home or business through damaged roofing or broken windows. A storm may even damage pipes, which causes water to pour onto floors, or accumulates on your property. Insurance companies will often deny any type of water damage claim, saying that it was caused by flooding, rather than wind, or is excluded by provisions in your insurance contract. However, have no fear, we’ve seen those denials hundreds of times, and if we believe the denial is wrong, stand ready to fight on your behalf.

Structural damage to your home caused by a hurricane is often the most expensive damage to repair under your policy. It almost always requires you and your family to temporarily move out of your house during the renovation process. The loss of use may result in costly expenses to lease another residence, or a hotel stay. Check your policy to see if you have some kind of extended stay benefits and if not; get that coverage added onto your policy.

When a lightning strike hits your home during a hurricane, tropical storm, or even one of our violent afternoon thunderstorms, the losses can be devastating. All of your electrical wirings might need to be replaced, along with your ruined electronics, appliances, and electrical components.  If a lightning strike starts a fire, your entire home or business property (along with the business equipment and inventory) can be lost in a matter of minutes.

If the loss you suffered was from a weather event – be it a hurricane, water, wind, fire, or lightning strike – the chances are that your insurance company will not want to pay the claim.  Insurance company claims personnel is trained to avoid paying claims, by knowing what words and tactics to use to convince you that you have no coverage for the loss or, their settlement offer is reasonable, and should accept it.  The companies are often very slow to respond, hoping you get tired of the process and just go away, or accept less than what you should be paid under the policy.  They will sometimes use your own words against you to avoid paying your claim. You are required to initially cooperate with your insurance company when you make a claim. However, be cautious when giving a recorded statement to the friendly insurance company adjuster.

Insurance companies do, upon occasion, resort to unfair methods or ways of denying or reducing the value of your claim. However, they are still responsible for your covered losses. When an insurance provider fails to uphold their end of the agreement, it’s time for someone to step in and make things right.  The Law Offices of Rand Saltsgaver is here to help you. We have been assisting homeowners and businesses in Central Florida for almost 40 years by getting insurance companies to pay what they should have paid under the policies. We know how to fight for your rights, and how to win. Call us to schedule a free consultation, and remember, we don’t get paid unless you do!