A fire in your home or business can be a devastating loss.   Fire damage may involve its roof, structural integrity, stucco, and siding. The window frames, HVAC units, and electrical wiring might need to be replaced, or the fire could create plumbing issues, and much more.  Smoke may damage not only walls and ceilings, but furniture, curtains, flooring of all kinds, clothing, and bedding items. In fact, smoke could be a problem throughout the entire home.  One must also consider the expenses incurred when you have lost your primary residence or business.  How long will you need to live somewhere else, or run your business at a different location? No matter why the fire started, you can expect that insurance companies will never run out of reasons to deny or severely underpay fire damage insurance claims.

Insurance companies use various excuses not to pay or attempt to underpay claims. They might say the damage was your fault, or someone else was negligent, and therefore, it is not obligated to pay your claim.  We’ve seen it all before, and just because the insurance adjuster has denied your claim, or says it’s not covered, is not necessarily the end of the matter – not by a long shot.

What do you do if your claim has been denied, or if the insurance company offers you a low settlement? This is where our 40 years of experience may work for you. We know how insurance companies operate and also know that the moment you notified them of the damage done to your home, they started gathering evidence in hopes to deny or reduce payment on your claim. This process includes talking with witnesses, getting documents, and recording what you first told the claims personnel.  The companies know that their investigation can, and often does, give them an excuse to say the loss was due to the homeowner’s negligence, or the specific loss is “excluded”, or not covered under the policy, due to, for example, “wear and tear”.

Whether your claim has been denied, underpaid, stalled, or even ignored, we are here to help you fight this battle and get full value for your Orlando homeowner’s insurance claim. Nothing can be more financially and emotionally draining on a family, or business, than being in a dispute with their homeowners or commercial building insurance company.  Do not fight this battle alone! You paid your hard-earned money to the company, and are entitled to fair compensation for losses covered by that insurance policy. The Law Offices of Rand Saltsgaver has the experience and resources to manage every facet of your claim. We are expert negotiators, have handled thousands of insurance cases, and tried numerous jury and non-jury trials in courts across Florida.  Our Fire Damage Insurance Claims Attorney will get you every dollar you rightfully deserve as set forth in your policy.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation, and remember, if we don’t win, you owe us no money.